Timothy Dolan- Artist Who Captures Greenpoint


When I first saw Timothy Doyle’s canvases of Greenpoint I was thrilled. His paintings captured the feel of the area. Sadly, like many other talented local artitsts, Timothy no longer lives locally. He is a victim of the rapidly rising rents that are forcing out some of the most creative people here.
Doyle, born in Millbury, Massachusetts in 1977, Was studying theater production at Emerson College in 1996 when he discovered painting. After several years in Boston travelling and showing in alternative spaces, Doyle moved to Greenpoint in 2002. He started showing his artwork in cafés and theaters, adopting the attitude of an emerging rock band, showing as often as possible wherever he could. He also started a neighborhood based artist group called “Meeker Avenue Artists”.
In 2009, Doyle enlisted in the United States Army. After his enlistment, Timothy relocated to Arizon where he received a BA in Art History from the University of Arizona. While pursuing his degree, he continued painting and became a fixture in the downtown Tucson art . In January 2015, Doyle returned to Brooklyn to work for the Guggenheim. Currently, he lives and works in Central Massachusetts, but he misses Greenpoint and hopes to return. His paintings remind me of Joseph Bartnikowski, whose work I chronicled in my book, ” Greenpoint Brooklyn’s Forgotten Past.”  They both paint local scenes with great color
Perhaps one of the readers can help him get a show. His work certainly captures some of the flavor of the neighborhood.




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