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The Rise and Fall of the Sugar King

Book Cover - The Rise and Fall of the Sugar King by Geoffrey Cobb
The history of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the rise of the American sugar industry are so intertwined that it is impossible to separate them. The Havemeyer family built the world’s largest sugar refinery that would be renamed Domino, but also constructed a sugar empire that made Henry Havemeyer one of the richest and most powerful men in America.

This book chronicles Henry Havemeyer’s ascent and reign as the “Sugar King” of the United States. It is a tale of greed, crime, wealth, power and corruption, but it is also the story of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Rise and Fall of the Sugar King, based on extensive historical research, recounts the lives of a half dozen Williamsburg residents during the years from 1844 to 1909.

First Published: 2017

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The King of Greenpoint

Arguably the most colorful politician Brooklyn ever produced, Peter J. McGuinness came to personify working class Greenpoint between the two world wars. His vivacity, wit and outrageous antics have become legendary.

The first book ever published about this outrageous personality and the product of exhaustive archival research, King of Greenpoint describes McGuinness unlikely rise from longshoreman and amateur boxer to political domination as the last “ Tammany Hall” style ward boss in New York City history.

First Published: 2016

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Greenpoint Brooklyn’s Forgotten Past

Other authors have covered local history, but Geoffrey Cobb’s “Greenpoint Brooklyn’s Forgotten Past” unearths a wealth of local history never published previously in one volume. The result of extensive research, forgotten events and characters re-emerge to create a lively and entertaining portrait of the neighborhood’s colorful past.

The product of three years of research and a year’s effort writing, the book is a lucid readable text and Greenpoint’s Forgotten Past is the first book on local history in a hundred years.

Mixing fictional imagination with real historical characters and actual events, the book tells the tales of many of the people who shaped local history. Those characters include boxers, mafiosi and Vaudeville queens amongst others. Many of the readers praise the book’s readability. Reading Greenpoint Brooklyn’s Forgotten Past is a fun way to learn the rich local history of Greenpoint.

First Published: 2015

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